Good News

Put down that paper turn off that TV
bad bad news is all you’ll ever see
Let’s have a party
invite all our friends
Then we can decide
how the story ends

Get up every morning here it comes again
here it comes again
Oh no, bloody murder, war, disease and famine and death
well alright, are we having fun yet?
Oh no, someone wants you terrified of taking a breath
but my answer
is tellin’, tellin’ some

Good news good news
put on your dancin’ shoes
Good news, good news
got nothing to lose

Good news can’t be lying
good news can’t be fake
and the good news is that good news
is something we gon’ have to make

Gotta get ourselves together, hold on tight
hold on tight
Oh yeah things get better, better yeah when people unite
unite!, it’s alright
Oh yeah, cause together we see things been kept out of sight
but my answer
is tellin’ tellin’ some

Good news, etc.

Get together
good news
hold on tight
good news
things get better
good news
when we unite
good news etc.

and ain’t that some real
good news