I Hate The Capitalist System

I hate the capitalist system
I’ll tell you the reason why
They caused me so much suffering
And my dearest friends to die

My husband was a coal-miner
He worked and risked his life
To try to support three children
himself, his mother and wife

Oh, oh, com’on tell the truth
Oh, oh, com’on tell the truth

I had a blue-eyed baby,
the darling of my heart
but from my little darling
her mother had to part

The rich and mighty capitalists
they dress in jewels and silk
But my darling, blue-eyed baby
she starved to death for milk


I had a darling mother
for her I often cried
But with these rotten conditions
my mother had to die

They call this a land of plenty
to them I guess it’s true
but that’s to the rich old capitalists
Not workers like me and you


Oh, what can you do about it
to these men of power and might
I tell you Mr. Capitalist
I’m going to fight, fight, fight
yes, I’m gonna fight, fight, fight