The Mill Mother’s Song

We leave our homes in the morning, we kiss our children good bye,
While we slave for the bosses, our children scream and cry.
And when we draw our money, our grocery bills to pay,
Not a cent to spend for clothing, not a cent to lay away.
And on that very evening our little son will say:
“I need some shoes, mother, and so does sister May.”

How it grieves the heart of a mother you everyone must know.
But we can’t buy for our children, our wages are too low.
It is for our little children, that seems to us so dear,
But for us nor them, dear workers, the bosses do not care.
But understand, all workers, our union they do fear.
Let’s stand together, workers and have a union here.

Now listen to me, workers, both women and man
We are sure to win our union, if all would enter in.
I hope this will be a warning, I hope you will understand,
And help us win our victory and lend to us a hand.