Human Freedom

Come, harken all, the day draws nigh,
when must’ring hosts the cause shall try
of Labour’s right to live and die
Enjoying human freedom;
Then Labour’s force shall take the field,
the liberating sword to wield,
for Labour’s own right arm must shield
the cause of human freedom.

Shout hurra for freedom’s host,
for freedom’s banner, nobly borne,
shout hurra, though tempest tossed
freedom’s barque shall ride the storm.

The rights our heroes lives have bought,
the truths our martyrs, dying, taught,
the hearts of men with passion hot,
prepare for human freedom;
Its roots are in no barren soil,
but watered by the tears of toil,
are spreading fast, no storms can spoil
the plant of human freedom.


Our Native Land! alas, the name
is but a sound to tell our shame,
what land have they whose spirits tame
brook loss of human freedom?
When lake and river, hill and dale,
hear children’s cry and women’s wail
of suffering rise on every gale,
for lack of human freddom.


Our banner waves o’er many bands,
thro’ mount and ocean-severed lands,
with active brain and skilful hands
fighting for human freedom;
For ancient feuds no more divide,
and ancient hates we thrust aside,
our Class, we know, thro’ battle’s tide
must bear the flag of freedom.

For this, since ere the world began,
their troubled course the ages ran,
and earth, in long travail for man,
bare seed of human freedom.
For us and ours that heritage
was handed down from age to age,
that we might write on Hist’rys page
the Birth of Human Freedom.