When Labour Calls

When Labour calls her children forth,
a waiting world to win.
Earth’s noblest breed, true man of worth,
her ranks shall enter in.
Then, comrades all, prepare that we
may hear that call anon,
and drive the hosts of tyranny
like clouds before the dawn;
And drive our foes,
and drive our foes,
like clouds before the dawn.

– la dai dai dai….
Thou knowest, long has Labour groaned,
a robbed and beaten thrall,
whilst Capital, on high enthroned
reign’d, lording over all;
But Time rolled on, and Earth and Sky
new powers to man revealed,
and Sience echoes Labour’s cry,
„King Captial must yield,“
at last must yield,
at last must yield,
King Capital at last must yield!

– la dai dai dai…..
We work and wait `till womb of Time
shall give fair Freedom birth,
to labour’s hosts that hope sublime
regenerates the earth;
And by that hope we toilers fired
to nobler deeds shall be,
that we may guide, by it inspired,
our class to Liberty,
to Liberty,
to Liberty,
to guide our class to Liberty!