Shake Out Your Banners

Come shake out your banners, and forth to the fight
Joy, joy to our heart that this day we have seen,
When the war-flags of Labour, saluting the light, of
Freedom for mankind, around us doth stream
Oh, the tyrants may quake lest the blood they have poured
O’er the fields of the earth their crowns to be-gem,
May rise to our thoughts as we unsheathe the sword
(and) harden our hearts ’gainst the spoilers of men

Shake out your banners
Shake out your banners

Ay the sword glitters grandly, but not as of yore, when
brother smote brother in murderous feud,
Or the nod of a tyrant rushed nations to war,
And hopes of our race were o’erwhelmed in blood
Nay, the fight that we fight is a fight for our own, and
Freedom for Labour our war’s tocsin shall be,
Through the broad earth resounding, till Capital’s throne
Lies shatterd for aye, and the toiler is free