Dig Down Deep

X marks the spot
X marks the spot

Wind has blown
Rain has fallen
Weary feet have pressed it down
Pilgrims wander aimlessly over
The secret underneath the ground

Souls are lost
In frantic searching
Looking everywhere but here
Priests are chanting
Rock Stars are bleating
What would they do if we had no fear?

You gotta
Dig down deep
Where the bones are buried
Dig down deep
Where the treasure’s hid
Dig down deep
Though the stones are heavy
Dig down deep
You’ll be glad you did

Merchants trading
Armies marching
So much gold and so much blood
So much trouble
For an illusion
The treasure’s buried in the mud

So all aboard
This ship of fools
Cast adrift and tempest tossed
Every eye scans the horizon
For the Paradise we lost

Oo oo so superficial
supermarket man in the mall
Oo oo carve your initials
on the other side of the wall
Oo oo hoard those possessions
clever gadgets, shiny stones
Oo oo or heed the message
the treasure is what cannot be owned

you’ll be glad you did