The Burning of the Blue Light

So we’re running in the teeth of a 60 mile gale
and the seas are rising above the mast
And the bilge is flooding so it’s bail boys bail
or the breath you draw may be your last
We can beg and plead with old Neptune
that he change his mind and he change it soon
but Fortune’s whistling another tune,
when you set sail boys the die was cast

So burn burn burn it bright
that we may see another morning
Burn burn for eyes that might
see the burning of the blue light
Burn burn burn the blue light

We caught the wind under skies of blue
and joined the Pacific through the Golden Gate
From the wealthy merchants to the lowly crew
for the gold or glory our lust to sate
A blind eye turned to warning signs
from the rotten timbers to the frayed bowlines,
a captain whose compass was Madeira wine
and the vessel’s owners who’re tempting fate

Mother Nature doesn’t suffer fools glad
and woe to anyone who fails to learn
She can be the best friend anybody ever had
but a friendship, brother, you have got to earn
And to make an enemy of this true friend
trust and virtue to offend
to be Nature’s Master you pretend
well, catastrophe just awaits its turn