Waiting For The Bus In New Orleans

It’s a hundred degrees
Fry and egg on the sidewalk
Just us evacuees
Sittin’ ’round making small talk
Got nowhere to go
But we know we can’t stay here
Don’t nobody know
How long we’ll be away here
But a big wind’s comin’ and we all know what that means
So we’re waitin’ for the bus in New Orleans

Got a big plastic bag
Carry everything I own in
Like I’m waving a flag
Of the country I was born in
Send the National Guard
Supposed to guard the nation
But if you look real hard
This is still a plantation
And all their promises ain’t worth a hill of beans
When you’re waitin’ for the bus in New Orleans

Singin’ that old song
About blowin’ my troubles away
Well, the wind sure did blow strong
But trouble’s all that stay
They say we’re making progress, gotta wonder what that means
When you’re waiting for the bus in New Orleans

Bring me the second line
And the Wild Tchoupitoulas
Outta the Lower Nine
Come the Uptown Rulas
Bring a big hurricane
That ain’t about the weather
A whole lotta rain
From all of us together
Get the president down here, cleaning out latrines
While he’s waitin’ for the bus in New Orleans