Bits and Pieces

Sweeping up the broken glass
Another fight is over
But the scars are gonna last
Tomorrow wasn’t wasted
‘Cause it got her through today
But pieces of her broken dreams
Keep getting in the way
And bits and pieces are all that she has

Bits and pieces all fallen apart
Bits and pieces of a broken heart
Bits and pieces cast off by love and strife
With bits and pieces she was trying to make her life
Make her life

Dreaming of beautician’s school
She tried to raise the money
While the dream hung like the moon
She waitressed in Las Vegas
Tended bar in San Berdoo
Worked a truck stop out in Bakersfield
That’s where she met Lou
And bits and pieces seemed to become one

They stuck it out for 30 years
But the children are all grown now
And cryin’ their own tears.
Lou was not a bad man
He just hated being lost
And never really knowing
What he’d bought at such a cost
And bits and pieces can’t hold back the fears