Jonny Refused

When Jonny comes marching home again
after Jonny got his gun
all the crowds they sing and cheer
for all the killing done
but when they build their monuments
there’s one name they can’t use
’cause when they called his number
this Jonny refused

Draft Board
got a letter in the mail
greetings from Uncle Sam
At War
it’s either go to jail
or go to Viet Nam
High school
all talk about it
not many want to go
what fool
is gonna squawk about it
you just do what you’re told
a lot of people were not amused
when Jonny refused (refused to go)

Rich boy
go off to college
poor boy go off to war
This boy
may be no scholar
but he damn sure know the score
What for
go fight somebody
some jungle overseas
What’s more
they could be anybody
they’re not my enemies
Who then is left standing accused
When Jonny refused (refused to go)

I know will die someday
but not that way
not that way

Jonny refused